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Library Services for Faculty

Faculty must have an Alliant OneCard and current library account in order to use most library user services.

Adjunct Faculty wanting access to the library resources before the session starts may ask their program coordinator or director to submit a request for a library account via an online form. You can also ask for a library account in person at your home library. If you have an Alliant OneCard already, you can use the barcode activation form.

Faculty Reserves: In order to insure that all reading material required is available to them, faculty members may request course reading material (articles, books or other items) be placed on reserve for any period up to the length of the semester. Several weeks prior to each semester, instructors should fill out forms on which they indicate that items they wish placed on reserve and submit to his/her library location. At the end of the semester, all reserve materials are removed from reserve. Library books are returned to their normal location in the collection. Personally owned items are returned to the professor.

  • Physical Reserves: Books, videos and other materials that cannot be digitized due to copyright law or other reasons. Books not owned by the library may be purchased if the item meets the collection development policy.
  • E-Reserves: Journal articles, book chapters, sample students papers and other excerpts that are available online or can be digitized if not already available electronically. If the required articles are from journals to which the Library subscribes electronically, the students are directed to those journals to read or to copy the article. If faculty have material that needs to be digitized, the faculty must submit “clean copies” to the library.

    For more information see the following documents. You may need to download Adobe Reader in order to view these files.

Library Tour and/or Instruction: Faculty are encourage to request research instruction for their classes each semester. A variety of formats are available, including classroom presentations, hands-on library workshops or computer laboratory instruction sessions. Each presentation includes computer research strategies, and is tailored to the individual academic needs of each class. If you would like to schedule an instruction session with a librarian, please call your library location. Instruction sessions that require computer/databases access may be held in your classroom. If you classroom does not have Internet access, contact the Registrar's office to schedule an e-classroom. You can submit your request online for librarian instruction.

Teaching and Research Assistants: Faculty members are allowed to have another person check out books and request Interlibrary Loans on his/her faculty account with permission. Please sign and return the Faculty Authorization Form (PDF) for each TA or RA you have working with you.

New Book and Journal Request: Faculty are encouraged to suggest titles of items that would be beneficial for the library to acquire for their students' research. Please see the Collection Development Policy (PDF).

Course Syllabi: Faculty are encouraged to submit a copy of their syllabi to their library location to be used for collection development and course reserves. You can email it to libraryhelp or your home library contact using Outlook.

Assessment Materials and Classes: Faculty members teaching assessment courses that require tests and protocols need to submit requests to their library location before the start of the semester. Submission dates vary from two weeks to two months depending on location.

Important Note: Assessment forms are protected by copyright, and may not be photocopied or reproduced. The only exception is the copying of a completed form for the purpose of conveying a client’s records to another qualified professional. If you need more forms, please have your professor contact your library assessment liaison.

Lost or missing assessment material is billed to the library account on which the material was checked out. If you are a faculty member with checked out assessment materials, we strongly suggest that you keep track of which test and what copy has been given to which student. You may choose to use a log including the student name, test and barcode and/or copy. Test Tracking Sheet Example (PDF). If you can provide the student information when a test hasn't been returned at the end of the session, then we will charge the student directly instead of your department.

Multimedia Projectors/Laptops: Some library locations have equipment available on first come first serve for class presentations. Students have priority over faculty and staff. Equipment must be picked up and dropped off at the library during open hours.

Copyright and Plagiarism Information: Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Avoiding Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement (PDF).

Printing and Photocopying: Please consult the library staff for assistance. Alliant charges for printing from the library computers and copying. Faculty should have an Alliant OneCard and a credit on it. More Information

Other Services: Contact your location and inquire what other services that may be available to you.