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The Alliant OneCard

You will need an Alliant ID card to:
  • Access the library resources online
  • Request and/or check out library material
  • Login to "My Library Account"
  • Use the pay-for-print copiers in the libraries and computer labs
If you do not have a ID card, you'll want to obtain one from your home campus. Please note that these offices are not library offices, but they will provide you with the ID card you need in order to set up a library account.

Bldg/Room #: 2119
Phone: 559-253-2292

Bldg/Room #: Bldg. 311
Phone: 949-812-7453

Bldg/Room #: Building A-7, 1st floor, office 7116
Phone: 626-270-3307

Bldg/Room #: Front Desk, Suite 200
Phone: 916-561-3203

Bldg/Room #: SBS Office, Bldg. M-2
Phone: 858-635-4425

Bldg/Room #: Room 132 or library during orientation
Phone: 415-955-2040

ID Card Replacement Fee is $15

example of identification card

The Alliant OneCard has the library barcode printed on the front and a magnetic strip on the back.

Once you have your ID card, you can active your barcode by visiting your home library or completing the barcode activation form.
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