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Pay for Print and Copying with your Alliant OneCard

Cost per Page:
      Black/White .10
      Color .40
      Double sided copies .20 (.10 per side)
Need an ID Card?

Go to the OneCard office during open hours and have your photo ID made. [More Information]

Add Money to ID Card:

Note: The black NetLink Loader or Add Value station does not give change. The library does not change for large bills ($10 or higher). You must bring exact change.
  1. To add money into your card, insert card and remove.
  2. Then insert $1 or $5 into the NetLink Loader machine.
  3. To print a receipt, press “c”. Otherwise press “clear”.
If you are a visitor, alumni or non-Alliant user, purchase a $1 non-refundable card from the NetLink Loader machine and add money to the card. Following instructions above for adding money. Keep the card for future printing or return it to library staff for recycling.

Additional Add Value stations: In San Diego, they are at the Daley Hall computer labs and Student Business Services in M-2 (during business hours).

How to Photocopy on the Ricoh:

  1. Check balance on your ID card at the Add Value Station to confirm that you have sufficient funds to cover the copies.
  2. Swipe the card through the green copier card reader.
  3. Make your copies.
  4. Hit “clear” on the green card reader when you are done to prevent someone behind you from using your remaining funds.
How to print from the Library computers using GoPrint:

Note: Unpaid print jobs will be deleted after 3 hours. All workstation print jobs will print to the Ricoh printer/copier. Print jobs will be listed under the user's login.
  1. Login using your Alliant login and password. If the computer was already logged in before you started using it, log out first and then log it in again.
  2. Name and save your documents if they are untitled and you are not printing from the Internet.
  3. Print your work from your workstation and walk over to the GoPrint station.
  4. Select your username that appears on the screen.
  5. Click on your print job(s).
  6. Hit “continue”.
  7. Swipe in your ID card through the black card reader. Your balance will show on the upper right corner of screen.
  8. Click on pay and print on the lower right hand side of screen to print.
  9. When you are done using the workstation computer, always log out.
EF students and guests:

  • Purchase a copy card to print or copy. A minimum of three dollars is needed. $2 for the blank card and $1 to add to the card.
  • Before you print from the Library computers, "save as" and name any untitled documents to desktop if you don't have a USB drive and you are not printing from the Internet. This will help you identify which documents are yours within the guest or efstudent login.
Faculty and Staff:

  • Check with your home library regrading what you need to print or copy in the library.
Los Angeles Campus Only:

  • Student print or copy is available in the Computer Lab inside the Library
San Diego Campus Only:

Print from your laptop to Pay-for-Print copier.
  • Printing is available on a limited basis from devices with email capabilities, including laptops and smart phones, and only when the library circulation desk is staffed.

  • To send a print job from your laptop:
      1. Log into your Alliant email account at .
      2. Open a new email message and add libraryacq to the “To:” field.
      3. Add “Print” to the Subject line.
      4. Attach your document named something you can identify again.
      5. Click “Send”.
      6. Go to the center lobby area of the library to the computer attached to the pay-for-print system.
      7. Look under “libraryacq”. Select and pay for your print job.
  • Pay for Print Handout (pdf) will provide more information about wireless printing.