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Useful Links: Education

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Childhood Education  /  Cross Cultural Studies / Education (General) / Education Magazines/ Ed. Administration  / Ed. Assessments  /  Ed. Psychology  / Ed. Technology  / English as International Language / ESL School Psychology  /  Teaching

The following are suggestions for links to sites outside Alliant. We are not responsible for the content.

Childhood Education

An educational directory for educators and students that has information, resources, lesson plans, webquests, worksheets, cliparts and more for ages K22.

Cross Cultural Studies/ CCS

Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education
Free online magazine covering multicultural education.

Multicultural Education and the Internet
Superlinks to multicultural education sites, lesson plans, some articles, teaching tools, etc. Also has a section on Intercultural Activities. 

Multicultural Pavilion
Resources for teachers, research, and links to general sites, journals, specific subjects, teaching multicultural education, sites on historical people fighting for  equity, and links on certain ethnicities. 

Education (General)
Maintained by the U.S. Department of Education, it has information on research, statistics, and teaching resources.

Education Index
Annotated list of links to over 3000 sites. Browse by subject or by life stage (from preschoolers to graduate). Has information on business, cultural studies, education, environmental science, psychology, and statistics. Life stage includes distance learning. 

Education Review
Refereed reviews of recent books on various topics of education scholarship and practice. Can search by book author, title, review author, brief reviews, or reviews in Spanish or Portuguese.
Limit search to educational sites or online books. Includes links to dictionaries, and the Library of Congress catalog.

Education Magazines

Chronicle of Higher Education
News, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.

Education Week on the Web
Must register. Covers K-12 education.

Educause Review
General bimonthly magazine. Covers IT and higher education.

National Teaching and Learning Forum
Must register for magazine articles but can access FAQs and some other areas without registration.

Educational Administration

American Association of School Administrators
Contains career advice, conferences, government relations, and has information on various issues like assessment, safe schools, and school choice, and links to sites covering associations, the classroom, reports, technology, and state associations. 

Educational Assessments

ETS Database
Information on standardized tests and research instruments. Some have abstracts and availability information.

ETS Online Research Library
A collaborative effort between the staff of ETS’s Brigham Library and ETS’s Research & Development group. It is an extensive database of citations to ETS research.

Test Reviews Online
Based on the Mental Measurements yearbook. Can buy test reviews but not the tests themselves. Contains citations of tests, publisher information, and where reviewed.

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests Available in Compilation Volumes
Keyword index lists tests from over 80 print directories. Includes the test title and source citation but does not include actual tests. Call numbers do not apply as the page is maintained by another library.

Educational Psychology/ EDP

Educational Psychology Topics
Links on teaching, diversity, learning theories, and assessing learning.

Educational Technology/ Technology and Learning / TEL

eLearn Magazine
An online magazine for those who are working, teaching, or studying computer-related fields. Essays cover basic e-learning information, tutorials, and research papers. Has links.

English as an International Language/ EIL and

English to Speakers of Others Languages/ ESL

Dave's ESL Cafe
Half for students, half for teachers. Includes job center, over 3000 web links grouped into subjects ranging from Bilingual to Writing, discussion forums for students and teachers, ideas for class, explanations for idioms, slang, and phrasal verbs.

ESL Resources for Students (Online Writing Lab)
Has links covering grammar, listening, reading, vocabulary, test preparation, pronunciation, and dictionary resources.

School Psychology/ PPS

National Association of School Psychology
Information on cultural competence, crisis resources, job search, long list of useful links, handouts, resources on various topics. 

School Psychology Resources Online
Covers specific conditions, assessment, links to journal sites, news, organizations, and other school psychology sites.

Teaching/ TCH

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition 
Newsletter, practitioner toolkit with activity packets, FAQ articles.

Links last checked on February 12, 2014.