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Status Help

What does the item status mean?
Available Item is not checked out. If this status shows in your patron record it means the item has not been processed for shipment yet. The status will not change until it has been checked out or put in transit to another location.
In-Transit The item is in the process of being shipped or in route to the either the pickup location of a request or the home library of the item.
Recently Returned The item is has been returned in the last 24 hours and may or may not be on the shelf yet. Check with the circulation staff if you need assistance locating the item.
Renewed 1 time The item has been renewed once and may or may not be eligible to be renewed again depending on the type of item and if there is another request for it.
1 Hold This is what your see in the catalog when a hold is placed on an item.
Due 03-03-2010 + 1 Hold This is what your see in the your library record when a hold is placed on an item that you have checked out. You will not be able to renew it. Be prepared to return it when it is due.
Ready for pickup An Alliant owned item has arrived and is ready for checked out at the requested pickup location.
LINK+ Received This item has arrived and is ready for check out at the requested pickup location.
LINK+ Requested This item has been requested and has not been shipped yet.
LINK+ Re-Requested This item wasn't available for some reason at the first library so the request has been sent to the next available copy in the LINK+ system.
LINK+ Returned This item is in transit back to the loaning library and will remain on the patron record until the loaning library receives it.
LINK+ In-Transit This item is on its way to the requested pickup location.
On Holdshelf This item is waiting to be picked up by a patron.
Library Use Only This item may not be checked out or be taken from the library.
Lost This item has been lost by a patron.
Missing This item is missing somewhere in the library. It could just be mis-shelved, but staff have looked for it and declared it missing. Request a LINK+ copy.
In Storage Please request this item from a librarian.
Off-Campus This item has been loaned to another library. Request a LINK+ copy.
Claimed Returned This item has been claimed returned by a patron and is not requestable. Request a LINK+ copy.
Billed This item has not been returned and has gone to billing. Request a LINK+ copy.
Check Shelves The item is not requestable and usually only available to those patrons at the same location where the item resides.
Reserve Items Reserve items although they have the status of "Available" are not requestable and reserved for students of a particular class. Request a LINK+ copy.
LINK+ Paged A request has been placed by a patron.
LINK+ Cancelled The request has been cancelled either by the patron or the loaning library.
Unavailable This item is not available and a request should be placed in LINK+ for a copy, if needed.