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Community Reviews

Community reviews allow patrons to create text reviews of library materials in the Alliant catalog for the benefit of other readers.

All patrons can view an approved review headline in the bibliographic record display.

To view the content of the review, click on the headline.

Adding, Viewing, or Deleting Community Reviews

Patrons who have logged-in to My Library Account can add reviews to materials, view all of their reviews, and, optionally, delete existing reviews.

Adding Reviews

Patrons (and staff) can add a review to a bibliographic record by doing the following:

  1. From the bibliographic record, click the Add a Review button and a window should popup.

    Add a review popup window

  2. On the Add a Review form enter a headline for the review, followed by a full text review.

    • Headlines are required and can be a maximum of 50 characters long.

    • The full text of a review must be a minimum of 35 characters and cannot be more than 7,000 characters.

  3. Click Submit button to submit the review or click the Cancel button to cancel.

  4. The system displays a confirmation screen with the patron review. Click the OK button to confirm the review or click the Cancel button to cancel.

  5. When the patron confirms the review, the system displays the review in the My Reviews list in the user's patron record display. The review will display in the general catalog when library staff have approved it. Neither patrons nor staff can edit existing reviews. If a patron wants to change a submitted review, the patron must delete the review and submit a new one.

Viewing Reviews in the Patron Record
  • Patrons can view all of their reviews from the My Reviews page in the patron record display.
  • Patrons can also view their existing reviews from the My Library Account by clicking the My Reviews button.
  • Patrons can view both pending and approved reviews in their own record display. Pending reviews display a Status: Pending Approval message in the My Reviews display.
Deleting Reviews

The Alliant library allows patrons to delete their own reviews. Patrons can delete existing reviews from the My Reviews page. To delete a review or all reviews:
  1. Check the individual reviews you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete Marked button, or all reviews by clicking the Delete All button.
  3. The system will display a confirmation message. Click OK to delete the reviews.